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Your cozy neighborhood
24 hour gym in Los Gatos

A large open room, friendly culture,
with strength training machines, posture and balance training equipment, cardio equipment, showers and towels...
Feel free to use the TRX and stability balls, light to heavy weights, barre, pilates reformer and all workout equipment in
"Your" gym.

Anyone, without a membership
can schedule any of our services by appointment.
Memberships that include Massage, Stretch or Training
reduce appointment rates by up to 30%.

Pilates Barre and balance training at Daring Gray_edited.jpg
My 24 Hour Gym and Daring Gray sign on Los Gatos Blvd..jpg
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As a member you have 24-hour gym keycard access. Members can bring up to 2 guests per month or convert reduced-rate Services Member benefits to Gift Certificates.

If you're coming to the gym for the first time
please call ahead so someone on Staff can meet you there and let you in for a free workout.
An alternative is, book an appointment for massage therapy, assisted stretch or personal training and your coach, therapist or trainer will let you in. Then you can see the gym, try it out or learn about Daring Gray programs and gym memberships if you're interested.

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My 24 hour Gym
Appointment Services

Call or text to schedule:

Try Daring Gray's
"Move Younger" and "Move Lighter"

Posture    Flexibility   Balance   Weight Loss
learn to breathe, walk, regain INches of height, sit and stand without hands, reach... 
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In these results-focused three 3-week programs, you'll schedule with multiple practitioners each week, all supporting your goal. You'll have coaching calls, 24 hour access to the movement center (gym), before and after assessments, Exciting results and lifelong education.


A gym membership lets you come and go freely with your keycard anytime, day or night and gives you full access to all the gym equipment, showers and more. You can also schedule personal training, sports massage, medical massage for injuries, posture and flexibility appointments with a stretch coach. You can call, text, email or book online anytime you'd like a professional to work individually with you supporting your goals. 







Medical massage, Posture Flexibility, Balance training



Bodywork, Flexibility and

Strutural alignment

Lorrie Stretch Coach at Daring Gray and My 24 Hour Gym in Los Gatos.jpg


Flexibility Coach,

Trigger points and posture

Treasure P_edited.jpg


Strength, Balance & Flexibility Training.


Reduced Rates
for intro appointments.

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