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Want More Affordable?
  1. Use your FSA or HSA  for account for some of our services and qualifying gym memberships

  2. We're happy  to talk with your employer about a group discount.

  3. Share personal training / stretch sessions with a friend or three. 

  4. Many health insurance, workers comp and auto claims reimburse for medical massage.

  5. Our memberships save you 10% to 30% on gym and appointment services

  6. and we offer $20 off for 2nd members.

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Meet Your New Coach, Therapist or Trainer

$90 off your first visits

With Treasure, Gideon or Lorrie!

In May. Call quick!

They're all experienced, knowledgeable, highly responsive and caring,...

but don't take my word for it.

It's only fair to cut you a break while you find out who is a good fit for you.

expires 5/31/24

Daring Gray Programs

30% Or More
Improved Posture and
Pain-free Range of Motion

Move Younger
Pain & Posture Program
1st 4 signups in May 2024
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Move Lighter
Weight Loss Program
Discount $3600 to $1950.png
1st 4 signups in May 2024
Try A One-Hour Visit
Through May 2024
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