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Gym Memberships

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Try It Out!

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My 24 hour Gym Services
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A gym membership lets you come and go freely with your keycard anytime, day or night and gives you full access to all the gym equipment, showers and more. You can also schedule personal training, sports massage, medical massage for injuries, posture and flexibility appointments with a stretch coach. You can call, text, email or book online anytime you'd like a professional to work individually with you supporting your goals. 

One on One Services Membership

This membership allows you to book unlimited Services appointments at the reduced Member rate. Your first prepaid appointment is included each month; 12 appointments are included each year. There is no additional "membership" cost, only the reduced price of one appointment per month. Schedule as many appointments as you like at your reduced hourly rate.
Yes, They Carry Over
Unused Services carry over and remain in your account or can be used as Gift Certificates so you lose nothing.

Included My 24 Hour Gym Services are:
Effective massage
for injury prevention or recovery, athletic endurance, pain free range of motion and improvement of posture and gait. Reductions of headaches or cramps and more.

Personal training
for developing or maintaining strength
, improving balance and flexibility, cardiovascular and bone density health. Heart health, weight loss, growing or maintaining muscle... growing younger :-)
Assisted Stretching
to regain flexibility, dramatically improve posture and gait, recover from injuries or prevent injuries from happening, reduce cramping, muscle spasms or pai and improve athletic performance - at any age.

These services are always personalized, and available one on one by our licensed or certified, experienced practitioners. 


Open Gym + Services Memberships
Enjoy 24 hour Gym access AND reduced rates on any Services appointments you schedule.

We offer a free included personal training session to familiarize you with the gym equipment, You trainer is available to answer questions and share training suggestions based on your condition, experience and goals.
Option to use your first appointment instead to meet your Massage Therapist or Assisted Stretch coach.

Couples with this membership can use each other's included services interchangeably. 

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